Lilian von Trapp

Lilian von Trapp grew up in Berlin and initially studied law at Humboldt University. After graduating, she decided against a career in law and instead followed her passion for fashion. She found her true calling when she transformed the jewellery she inherited from her mother into her own designs and founded her eponymous label in 2017.

Lilian von Trapp’s ethical consciousness fuels her vision of sustainable genuine jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is handmade from recycled materials by master goldsmiths in Germany.

The Brand

Her designs bear a very own, unmistakable signature. The minimalist approach is reflected in all her designs; defined by clear lines, the jewellery pieces can be freely combined with each other. Lilian von Trapp’s jewellery is meant to accompany people for a lifetime and is an expression of a special moment that will be preserved for generations.

Lilian von Trapp’s creations are worn by personalities from all over the world, including Emma Watson and Lily James.

Materials & Manufacturing

There is no mining involved in creating Lilian von Trapp jewellery from vintage diamonds, Diamond Foundry diamonds, platinum and gold. This makes every piece sustainable and free of the environmental and human rights issues associated with the mining of precious stones and metals.

All of our recycled gold and platinum is sourced from specialized refineries in Germany, that have been “chain of custody” certified by the responsible jewellery council.

All vintage diamonds have been sourced from pre-existing jewellery and repurposed. Diamond Foundry diamonds are GIA and Carbon Neutral Company certified.


Lilian von Trapp pouches are handmade in Portugal from sustainably produced organic linnen and are included in every order. All additional packaging, labels and tags are produced from recycled or FSC certified paper.

We give back!

In addition to operating outside the traditional gold and diamond mining system, Lilian von Trapp donates two percent of the brand’s earnings to measures countering the long term social and environmental effects on affected communities.

For this, Lilian von Trapp supports the Earthbeat Foundation, an organization devoted to providing education on the sustainable use of natural resources and enabling third world communities to grow independent of exploiting industries.