Lilian von Trapp grew up in Berlin and initially studied law at Humboldt University. After graduating, she decided against a career in law and instead followed her passion for fashion. She found her true calling when she transformed the jewellery she inherited from her mother into her own designs and founded her eponymous label in 2017.

Lilian von Trapp’s ethical consciousness drives her vision of sustainable genuine jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is handmade from recycled materials by master goldsmiths in Germany.

Lilian von Trapp


Her designs bear a very distinctive signature. The minimalist approach is reflected in all her designs and defined by clean lines, the jewellery pieces can be freely combined with each other. Lilian von Trapp’s idea is that jewellery should accompany people for a lifetime and be an expression of a special moment that will be preserved for generations.

Lilian von Trapp’s creations are worn by personalities such as Emma Watson and Lily James.


Lilian von Trapp designs jewellery for aesthetes and individualists for whom the beauty and value of a piece of jewellery are just as important as the ethical conditions of its creation.

The fact that there are often devastating abuses behind the beautiful appearance of gold and diamonds and that their creation is based on the exploitation of nature and people is often concealed in the jewellery industry. Lilian von Trapp has made it her mission to speak out for transparency and to initiate change.

To conserve resources, LVT only uses recycled materials. The jewellery is made exclusively in Germany, so fair working conditions are a prerequisite. LVT also donates 1% of all sales to the Earthbeat foundation.


Our jewellery is made of sustainable gold, sustainable vintage and lab-grown diamonds and sustainable vintage gemstones.

What does sustainable production mean?

LVT jewellery is 100 percent made in Germany. This means that no production steps are outsourced to other countries. We work with experienced goldsmiths and gemstone setters in a family-run business in Pforzheim. The eyelets are made by hand in our workshop in Pforzheim, the clasps are also made by our partner in Pforzheim.
In addition to our production in Pforzheim, we have our own goldsmith’s workshop in our Berlin store to quickly implement repairs and services for our customers on site. We also manufacture custom made pieces there and can show our customers the craftsmanship and handiwork of such a piece live.
If you would like more information about our workshop, please write to us at

What does sustainable gold mean?

In order to conserve the few gold resources that are mined sustainably, LVT only uses recycled gold. We source the recycled gold from a German gold recycling refinery, so we can be sure that no newly mined gold enters the cycle. There, old jewellery is recycled by separating the fine gold from the other metals in the old gold and then re-alloying it.
All the other metals that are then added to the fine gold for a particular alloy also come from recycled metals.
Likewise, the platinum we offer and process on request is 100% recycled platinum.
Even our eyelets and clasps are made of recycled gold. Their traceability, the “Chain of Custody”, is certified by the responsible Jewellery Council. If you would like more information about our gold and platinum recycler, please write to us at

Sustainable diamonds

Diamond mining is the source of numerous environmental and human rights violations. Even diamonds certified as “conflict free”, for example from the “Kimberley” process, cannot exclude such violations. Therefore, LVT only uses vintage diamonds and diamonds from the Diamond Foundry.

Materials LvT

What does vintage diamonds mean?

We only use recycled diamonds. This means that we only use diamonds that come from old jewellery and have been removed from it.
Our partner only supplies us with diamonds removed in Germany. These are checked for quality in his company in Germany. This way, we can guarantee that no newly mined diamonds end up in our jewellery and that fair working conditions are ensured when removing from old jewellery.
If you would like more information about our diamond partner, please write to us at

What does sustainable laboratory diamonds from the Diamond Foundry mean?

The Diamond Foundry has developed the process of creating diamonds underground in its own laboratories in San Francisco/USA. There are reactors in which plasma as hot as the outer layer of the sun is created, which produces diamonds. In this plasma, which resembles the sun, diamond crystals are thus created atom by atom and these are then turned into a rough diamond. Each diamond is unique and flawless and is born in the Diamond foundry in America.
The Diamond foundry has the certificate “certified carbon neutral company” and reduces its greenhouse gas emissions to zero. The carbon footprint covers all aspects, from the foundry to the gem polishers and the shipping of the diamonds.
Diamond Foundry diamonds are real diamonds. They are chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds and are the only laboratory diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
Diamond Foundry diamonds are cut in the company’s own workshops in Los Angeles. Here, too, the working conditions are transparent.

Learn more:

>> Diamond Foundry:
>> GIA:


Upcycling, i.e. transforming existing things so that they can be reused, is the most sustainable way of dealing with scarce resources. If you have old jewellery or old gold that you would like to give back into the cycle, make something new out of it or exchange it for a piece from our collection, please contact us here.

Lilian von Trapp will be happy to advise you and, if you wish, develop new designs for you from your existing jewellery. Whether it is a gemstone that you want to set or an existing piece of jewellery that you want to modernise or modify, we can handcraft anything for you. Old gold that is no longer to be used can be returned to the cycle and recycled to create new jewellery.


The Earthbeat foundation promotes urban mining and supports small-scale miners in creating alternative and sustainable sources of income. Gold and diamond mining is a highly damaging process – for the environment as well as for the miners. 25 million people worldwide work in the artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) sector. Gold miners are constantly exposed to highly toxic chemicals such as mercury and cyanide used in gold mining. These harmful substances are highly damaging to health and enter the earth through groundwater, posing a threat to the surrounding ecosystems.

Together with the Earthbeat Foundation, Lilian von Trapp is committed to implementing sustainable use of local resources in gold mining regions in Uganda.

In 2018, Lilian von Trapp and the Earthbeat Foundation supported the permaculture project “Heartbeat Garden” in Busia, Uganda. In Busia alone there are 1000 ASGM mining projects, leaving the land and soil heavily contaminated.

Permaculture is a proven ecological science. Its aim is to promote and create economic opportunities in an environmentally conscious way. Permaculture applies techniques and principles from ecology, cooperative economics, sustainable agriculture and indigenous wisdom to create a sustainable human environment. As such, the promise of permaculture goes far beyond food production to create new potentials and horizons for sustainable living.

Learn more about this project and other Earthbeat Foundation projects at



LVT uses only sustainable packaging. The jewellery bags are made from untreated and undyed natural linen in Portugal. The cases and cardboard boxes are handmade from recycled and FSC certified paper or wood. Shipping materials are sourced from recycled paper and cardboard in Germany and Denmark.

LVT avoids plastic wherever possible and does not use animal products.