Remodelled Heritage

by Lilian von Trapp

Make it Yours

You have inherited a piece of jewellery that means a lot to you, but you won’t wear it like this?

We preserve the tradition, but give it a new shape according to your wishes, so that it becomes part of your very own story.

How it works

Making an appointment

Arrange an appointment with us. We will advise you in person at our studio in Berlin or virtually via email, WhatsApp or Zoom.



Tell us more about what you would like. We will be happy to use the materials from your jewellery and, if necessary, add to them according to your ideas. To do this, we coordinate our designs, possible gemstones and other materials such as gold or platinum with you. If you are not in Berlin, we will be happy to send you pictures or videos of the handpicked materials.


You have decided on a remodel? We are happy to make your new individual piece of jewellery for you.

We will first check the materials and gemstones from your jewellery and send you a sketch or 3D view of your chosen design. In consultation with you, our goldsmiths will begin remodelling and making your new piece of jewellery by hand. The fabrication time is six weeks.